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Power in comparison!

The World Bank has launched a website where you can see how each country’s regulatory framework for developing major infrastructure projects is developing around the world.
And you can compare it with international best practices as well as with other countries.

Who remembers, there was already a similar report from the same World Bank in 2018, but, right, a lot has changed in that time…
What do we see?
We see that the terminology used in public-private partnerships is becoming more and more unified.
For example, they no longer use the term «public partner» at the stages of procurement, but the term «procuring authority» is used.
Maybe this is true, because the state partner that signs documents for a project is often a company with the state share of 100%, or close to that figure.
But the national / federal body that plans to «buy» the infrastructure project on a PPP is all the same ministry / agency.

The survey was conducted on five topics:

It’s interesting to see how things are at home and in our neighbors…

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